KE Series Through Conduit Double Expanding Gate Valve

Double block & bleed

Self-relieving seat, top entry bonnet

MTRs available

CRN certification

  • Full bore design allowing for scraper, shot tap cutters and pigs
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • Special top entry design allowing for in-line maintenance
  • Valve cavity is isolated from the flow both in fully  open and fully closed position
  • Stem packing can be replaced in-line in fully open and fully closed position after cavity pressure is released from body vent drain plug
  • Automatic pressure relief system will release the over pressure in the cavity
  • Can be installed with pipe at any angle: vertical, horizontal or reverse position
  • Multi-operator types: handwheel, gear box, pneumatic and electric actuators


  • Size range: 2″ – 60″
  • Body material: WCB, 316SS, Alloy materials
  • Trim material: Chrome, 316SS, Stellite
  • Seat materials: RPTFE, Metal
  • Packing material: PTFE or Graphoil
  • Port, Full and reduced
  • End connections: ANSI 150 – 1500
  • Temperature range: -100°F to +1000°F
  • Multi-operator types including handwheel, gear box, pneumatic and electric actuators
  • CRN certified
  • Offshore/Onshore drilling and production
  • Oil and gas transportation isolation
  • Upstream gas compression isolation
  • Pig traps isolation
  • Hot steam
  • Oil tank storage
  • Block and bleed applications