JFG Series Manual Worm Gear

The JFG Series is mainly used for 90° rotary applications to open and close a butterfly valve, ball valve or damper to achieve manual operation. The compact size, high mechanical efficiency, self-locking high torque output and corrosion resistance, make it a very versatile product for many applications.

  • Light weight aluminum construction with corrosion resistance powder coating
  • Housing is sealed with o-rings to IP67/EN 60529
  • 90° travel has +5° of adjustability
  • Visual dome indicator
  • ISO direct mounting
  • Output torques are easily matched to a variety of valves
  • Available torque versions up to 10,600 in-lbs
  • Suitable for industrial sites in various climatic regions with working temperatures of -40°F to +250°F
  • Maintenance free and corrosion resistant to harsh environments
  • Max torque output range from 1600 in-lbs to 10,600 in-lbs
  • Locking handwheel
  • Chainwheel
  • Internal limit switches
  • Custom colors
  • Meets EN ISO 5210 and DIN 3210
  • Meets IP67 sealing protection / EN60529 with powder coating  housing
  • For use on butterfly valves, ball valves and damper drives