Pneumatic Actuators

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  • JFC Series Pneumatic Actuator

    Pneumatic Actuator, Spring Return, Double Acting

  • JFD Spring Diaphragm Actuators

    JFD Spring Diaphragm Actuator for compact, precise control in easy field changeable fail open and fail closed. Actuator to valve mounting complies with ISO 5211 standard and positioner mounting complies with NAMUR standard. Three different sizes are available for actuation up through 12″ J-Flow DM9900F segmented V-Ball control valves.

  • JFS Series Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

    Power Source  – Pneumatic
    Product Type – Scotch Yoke, Pneumatic
    Actuation – Spring-return,Double-acting
    Certifications – SIL 3, CE
    Control Type  On/off,  and Modulating
    Valve Type – Ball,Butterfly,Plug,Triple Offset, Other quarter-turn devices
    Operating Temperature
    Torque Range
    Spring-return models in excess of 229,000 In-Lbs
    Double-acting  models in excess of 250,000 In -Lbs
    Operating Pressure
    Pneumatic 40-90 psig