Trio Control Valve Sizing Application Software Program

Accurate calculations of process Cv’s, valve opening percentages, velocity, critical condition warnings and predicted noise levels are some of the features provided by JFlow Controls’ Trio Control Valve Sizing (TCVS) Application. Calculation algorithms, methods and equations are in accordance with international standards of ANSI/ISA-75.01.01 (IEC 60534-2-1 Mod)-2007, Flow Equations for Sizing Control Valves, as well as ANSI/ISA-S75-17-1989, Control Valve Aerodynamic Noise Prediction.

Sizing Program

It is important to provide the following information in order to size a control valve properly:

  • Physical details (pipe size, pressure class, trim type)
  • Process conditions (upstream pressure, downstream pressure, temperature, noise limit)
  • Fluid properties (flow rate, density)