Series 9800 Metal Seated Trunnion Mounted Valve

2″ to 60″ ANSI 150-ANSI 2500 Two Piece and Three Piece ISO pad, Fullport Firesafe to API 607 4th edition, B16:34 rated, Ball Valve, with locking handle


The seat material of general purpose valves employ generally non-metal material, such as PTFE. Limited by the seat material, the general purpose ball valve can not be used in case of high temperature application, and application medium with solid articles, and ash dregs. So, the application scope of general purpose ball valve is restricted partially. Taking this into consideration, we offer a full range of metal to metal sealed ball valves, including floating ball valves and trunnion ball valves, which have found extensive applications in such industries as petroleum, chemistry, power, metallurgy and light industry.

Metal to metal sealed design has been employed perfectly for the ball and seat, which has also adopted the advanced hardening technologies, such as ultrasonic spray coating, nickel base spray welding, surface specially hardening, satellite spray welding, ceramic material with high strength and hardness, etc. Surface hardness of the ball and seat may generally reach more than HRC60, maximum up to HRC74, and application temperature of the material may be up to 1004°F, maximum 1796°F. Combining strength of the material gets to more than 10000 psi. Besides, the surface materials possess very good resistance properties of friction and impact. Metal to metal sealed ball valves are suitable for use in most critical working conditions.

  • Features:
    • Wall thickness complies with B16.34.
    • J Flow single seat ball valve has a flat spring set acting through a hard face bearing against the bottom ball shaft which provides sufficient initial ball-seat load for valve tightness, even at low psi.
    • J Flow design provides freedom for thermal expansion of the ball without jamming even at high temperatures.
    • Tightness rate allowable leakage rate at full psi; ASME/FCI70-2 Class V with special lapping, tighter shutoff available upon request.
  • Applications:
    • Petro-chemical
    • Oil refining
    • Iron ore processing
    • Filter skids
    • Sulfur removal
  • Size:
    • Ranges from 2” to 56”

9800 Brochure

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