JFEE Series Anti-Explosion Electric Actuator

Anti-explosion electric actuators for potentially hazardous and explosive environments.

CSA Certificate of Conformance

Used for potentially explosive environments

Anti-Explosion Grade ExdIIBT4Gb

Match with angle stroke valve

Protection Class IP67

Standard Time/Torque:
JFEE-Ex-05: 20S/37 ft/lbs
JFEE-Ex-10: 30S/73 ft/lbs
JFEE-Ex20: 30S/147 ft/lbs
JFEE-Ex40: 30S/195 ft/lbs
JFEE-EX60: 45S/442 ft/lbs

Optional Time/Torque:
JFEE-Ex-05: 4S/14 ft/lbs; 10S/22 ft/lbs; 60S/37 ft/lbs
JFEE-Ex-10: 15S/37 ft/lbs; 60S/73 ft/lbs
JFEE-Ex20: 15S/73ft/lbs; 60S/147 ft/lbs
JFEE-Ex40: 15S/147 ft/lbs; 60S/195 ft/lbs

Turning Angle (Max Range):
JFEE-Ex-05: 0 ~ 360° Adjustable
JFEE-Ex-10:  0 ~ 90° Adjustable
JFEE-Ex20: 0 ~ 90° Adjustable
JFEE-Ex40: 0 ~ 90° Adjustable
JFEE-Ex60: 0 ~ 90° Adjustable

Total Weight:
JFEE-Ex-05: 6.6 lbs
JFEE-Ex-10:  11.0 lbs
JFEE-Ex20: 12.1 lbs
JFEE-Ex40: 20.9 lbs
JFEE-Ex60: 22 lbs

Power Supply:
JFEE-Ex-05: DC24V, AC24V, AC110V, AC220V, AC380V
JFEE-Ex-10:  DC24V, AC24V / AC110V, AC220V / AC380V
JFEE-Ex20: DC24V / AC110V, AC220V / AC380V
JFEE-Ex40: DC24V, AC110V, AC220V, AC380V
JFEE-Ex60: DC24V, AC110V, AC220V, AC380V

Selected Control Circuit:
Types A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H

JFEE Series Brochure

JFEE Series I&M

CSA Certification

J Flow Automation Capabilities Overview

  • Over-torque protector
  • Dehumidify heater
  • Passive contact switch
  • Heater for eliminating moisture
  • CSA
  • CE
  • IAF
  • CNAS
  • Potentially explosive environments
  • Hazardous environments