82 & 83 Series Double Eccentric High-Performance Butterfly Valves



High-Performance Butterfly Valve
Wafer Style – 82 Series / Lug Style – 83 Series
Size : 2” ~ 24” / Pressure Rating: Class 150#, 300#

Body Material: A216 WCB Cast Steel and A351 CF8M Stainless Steel

Seat Material: Soft Seat: TFM-4215, PTFE, RTFE, NBR, EPDM, FKM
Metal Seat (A240 Tp 316 / 304)

Operation: Lever, Gear, Pneumatic & Electric Automated

Drilling: ANSI 150#, ANSI 300#
Optional: JIS 10/16K, DIN PN 10/16, JIS 20/ 30K, DIN PN 25/ 40.

▪ Tight shut-off design.

▪ One – piece body materials are either cast steel or
stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.

▪ High strength one-piece stem in A564 Gr.630 materials.

▪ISO 5211 mounting pad with square shaft permits
direct mount actuation for both Manual (Lever & gear),
pneumatic and electric actuators.

▪ Double off-set configuration with conical angled disc design.
Maximize flow and minimize resistance providing high Cv.

▪ Seat available in either Soft (PTFE / RTFE) NBR, EPDM, VITON or
Metal (A240 Tp 316 / 304).
Both soft seats and Metal seats are interchangeable.

▪ Gland Flange preventing uneven load distribution against packing.

▪ Internal travel stop design to prevent over travel of the disc.
Minimizing possible seat damage.

▪ Retainer ring surface finish is 125 to 200 AARH and is compatible
with both standard gasket and spiral wound gasket designs. Outside
diameter is recessed within a gasket sealing surface to prevent external

▪ The heavy-duty handle and 10 position notch plates allow for
positioning the valve disc to precise angle stops.

▪ Valve Rating:
Top flange mounting pad: ISO 5211
Basic Design: API 609, MSS-SP-68, BS 5155, ISO 5752
Pressure / Temp Rating : ANSI B16.34
Shell/Seat Test: API 598, MSS-SP-61
Working Pressure: Class 150 (285 psig)
Class 300 (740 psig)
Metal to Metal seat leakage is rated at Class IV per ASME/FCI 70-2




82 & 83 Series Data Sheet

I & M Manual
82 & 83 Series I & M

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