2000 Series Single Seated Globe Control Valve

Flow characteristics: linear, equal percentage & modified percentage

Contoured trim (thread and quick change trim)

Contoured soft seat trim

Tendril (multi-hole, multi-stage) trim

MTRs available

  • Non-balancing control valve. Top guiding structure allows for reduced friction and fewer disturbances in the fluid process
  • The design of the reinforced guiding area ensures stable fluid control and low vibration
  • The standardized and self-aligning stem guide is installed without any tools during disassembly and maintenance
  • The integral structure of the plug and seat are designed as standard type, and severe conditions type (low noise and cavitation elimination. The design maximizes performance and greater resistance to cavitation noise reduction. A simple cage (trim) replacement to meet the requirements of different working conditions
  • The packing box is designed for tight sealing for multi-level protection, which meets the stringent demands for a safe and reliable seal against any media
  • The packing box system is additionally protected with a dust cover to effectively prevent dust and other particles from entering into the pacing area
  • The 2000 Series body is completely interchangeable with that of the 4000 Series cage guide, and the inline replacement of trim and trim styles
  • The pressure parts are designed in accordance with ASME nuclear power level standard and more applicable to severe working conditions


  • 3/4″ – 10″


  • A216
  • WCB
  • 304
  • 306
  • Alloys


  • 304
  • 316
  • Alloys


  • Soft
  • Metal


  • 50:1


  • Flanged
  • Butt weld
  • Socket weld
  • ANSI 150-1500


  • -22°F to +1049°F

  • Automation packages available

  • CRN

  • Cooling water systems
  • Fuel oil systems
  • Feedwater or chemical feed systems
  • Boiler and main steam vents and drains
  • Turbine lube oil systems