2-Way 3-Valve Transmitter Direct Coupling Manifold | Series MBT 2.3 DA

2-Way 3-Valve Transmitter Direct Coupling Manifold


The MBT-2.3DA Series manifolds are designed to work with fluids under high pressure and/or high temperature service. Their distribution diagram consists of three valves commanding three lines: high pressure, low pressure and a by-pass line to restart the instrument. The coupling is manufactured according to DIN EN 61518. Four screws 7/16″ UNF and two PTFE joints to assemble the transmitter are supplied.

  • Features & Benefits:
    • High-strength body
    • Stainless steel non-rotating ball shut-off
    • PTFE packing
    • 100% tested
  • Options:
    • Movable stem tip
    • Graphoil packing for high temperatures
    • Four screws M10 instead of 7/16″ UNF
    • Two bleed screws in outflow

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