Valvcon V-Series Electric Actuator

Compact, rugged, reliable electric actuator designed for quarter-turn valve and damper applications. It is available in both NEMA 4/4X and NEMA 4/4X/7 & 9 configurations. Standard ISO 5211 mounting interfaces and CSA (C US) certification, CE compliance and ATEX approval (WX models).

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Modular design allows for field-installation of options and simple upgrades
  • Easy to use electronics with clearly labeled terminals and coded option connectors
  • High standard duty cycle
  • Agency approvals are standard
  • Wide range of options for various methods of control and interface to multiple valve type

Series: V & LV

Torque output: 17-68 Nm, 150-600 lb-in, 12-50 lb-ft Series V; 113-339 Nm, 1000-3000 lb-in, 83-250 lb-ft Series LV

Duty Cycle: 75% @ 104°F (55% for 3000 lb-in models)

Operation: reversing

Enclosure: NEMA 4/4X or NEMA 4/4X/7&9

Temperature range: -40°F to +150°F; ATEX: -4°F to +150°F

Voltage: 115VAC 50/60 Hz (1PH); 230VAC 50/60 H

  • Control board
  • ISO/Readback board
  • Speed control/timer board
  • Tropical heater/thermostat
  • ISO 5211 metric output
  • Brake
  • Feedback potentiometer
  • Additional limit switches
  • Heater/thermostat
  • Keyed output
  • Handwheel
  • Hazardous location enclosure
  • CSA (C US) certification
  • CE compliance
  • ATEX approval (WX models)
  •  Electric valve actuators provide a more energy-efficient, clean, and quiet method of valve control
  • They can be bought together with the valve as a package or as a separate unit and added onto an existing quarter turn valve