JFlow Valves at the Beijing National Speed Skating Oval

JFlow valves are used in the refrigeration racks installed at the Beijing National Speed Skating Oval. Specifically, the three way high pressure DMHP3T2A33 Series. The customer required a full port, butt weld, 3000 psi valve for their cooling racks.  

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves Used in Food Industry

A manufacturer of thermal decomposition process, a green technology, that recycles hydrocarbon waste into commodity products, purchased JFlow’s 83 Series Butterfly Valves. The valves for this project were automated CF8M Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves with polished CF8M disc. The polished disc was required for the bottom of a hopper to provide dry spices into a bagging machine. This machine could blend and bag 50 different spices for private labeling.

Trunnion Valves Headed to Texas

A petroleum company in Texas placed a project order for large diameter trunnion valves with scotch yoke and explosion proof accessories. 50 automated valve packages built and shipped in 30 days! We stock 1000’s of rack & pinion and scotch yoke actuators for immediate delivery.

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