Series 5500 Lubricated Balancing Plug Valve

Lubricated Balancing Plug Valves


Features & Benefits

    • Zero Leakage (Buble Tight Shut Off): Tapered plug valve assures positive bubble tight shut off with unique sealant system
    • Zero Maintenance (In-Line Adjustment): Tapered plug valve can be adjusted with the valve in line, extending the service life of the valve
    • Zero Cavity: Slurry or sludge doen’t accumulate anywhere in the valve, because the valve has no dead cavity in the flow path


  • Ease of Operation: Positive quarter turn operation is quick and sure
  • Pressure Balance System: For maintaining pressure equalization between plug port and bottom of the plug, and for insuring the pressure above the plug being the same as or greater than in the plug port, the valve’s pressure balance system design is available.
  • Safety: Fire tested according to API 607 4th Edition.
  • API 6D Certified
  • Face to face, end to end dimensions conform to ANSI B16.10


  • Pressure balanced type as standard
  • blowout proof stem structure
  • Operation: freedom from seizure by long service operation and consistent torque
  • Self cleaning seating surface: the turning action of plug valve scrapes off any ingredient which may accumulate the plug surface in a closed position

5500 Brochure

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